Category: Personal Development

Category: Personal Development

Better Writing Skills: Start Giving Value to Your Work

Are you confident with your writing skills? I’ve asked this question to myself many times, and every day, I find fresh answers. Writing is not an overnight success. I realized it’s one of the most challenging careers ever. Would I go back to my previous job or possibly pursue a business-related career? No. When I

Still Struggling As A Writer?

I must confess that I’m struggling as a writer. Maybe some of you have felt this feeling and shrugged at the thought of it. It’s very crucial. Unless you take an action, you won’t see the bigger picture. What gives? It’s pretty simple. I haven’t updated my blog for weeks now. I’m more concerned with

7 Practical Tips Before Applying for Freelance Writing Jobs

Never underestimate the power of planning before applying for freelance writing jobs. Every move can make or break your career and it’s best to consider practicalities above all else. Quite frankly, the journey is too great for you. You must have a bulldog attitude (with such tenacity and persistence) to thrive in a competitive environment.

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