What I offer

What I offer

Web Writing Services

Writing is my passion and profession. When I’m not writing about technology, online business, travel, language, culture, innovation or spirituality genre, I read a book or two to improve my word craft for these fast times.

From cloud computing, iOS and Android app reviews, tech news and updates, Asian online business, travel and culture, e-commerce, and to Christianity, you can count me in. Quality, consistency, and integrity are my core values in every thought-piece. I cherish long-term collaborations with clients and value meaningful relationships.

Social Media Campaigns

I send clients a questionnaire to help me come up with new strategies and understand their target market. I believe buyer’s persona – customer profiling – can make or break each step in digital marketing. I work with startups and medium-sized companies to jumpstart the campaigns.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also need to understand the buyer’s journey to make sure we send the right message to the right people. I also provide brand development services, graphic designs, and optimization.

Web Copywriting

One of my greatest inspirations in copywriting is the legendary Bob Bly. If there’s one thing that I learned from him is this:

“Good copy starts with the prospect, not with the product.
Remember the old adage: Don’t talk about your grass seed; talk about the prospect’s lawn.”

Crafting punchy, yet creative copies that connect to the reader is what I do. I believe that “short is long” and “less is more.” Let me know what you need, I’m at your service.

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