Category: Freelance Writing

Category: Freelance Writing

14 Best Apps for Writers: Essential Tools for Daily Writing Stints

Have you been playing the role of Jack? Jack-of-all-trades? I bet it must have been hard to keep up with all the projects for the first quarter of this year. As far as I’ve observed, January is all about momentum. For us writers, it’s the peak season because everyone’s back to business. January is a

What 2013 Has Taught Me on My Writing Life

There are many things to be grateful for 2013 that it would take me hours to list them down. Most of all, experience has taught me well as a professional writer. The freelancing industry is an ocean for us—fishes in all sizes—to swim in, and if you don’t know how to, you’ll end up frustrated

What Should Be Your Priorities as Freelance Writers and Bloggers?

So you failed to carry out last year’s resolutions? How about those out-of-this-world plans? You are not alone. I had my shortcomings too. As a freelance writer, there were many things I didn’t accomplish last year. But I don’t want to stop there. I don’t want us going in circles every year. Confused. Frustrated. Stressed.

13 eBooks for Freelance Writers to Kickstart 2013

Thinking how you can jumpstart your freelance writing this 2013? Know what? Nobody owns you. You can start anytime. Take it one step at a time. And that kind of mindset will change your perspective and standards as you get along with clients. The perks of solopreneurs – you handle your own business, manage your

How Does Google Authorship Markup Affect Freelance Writers?

I recently stumbled upon a post about Google Authorship Markup, which made me wonder if this can affect freelance writers – web content writers and bloggers alike. We all know that there’s a big difference between writing on web pages and papers. If you create content in the digital world – whether you’re a freelance

Don’t Aim for Spotlight, Aim for Experience

Seth Godin, one of my favorite authors, said, “Instead of cajoling your way into the spotlight, consider investing in the experience first.” The nugget of wisdom pierced my heart. As a writer, I seek attention of possible clients, publishers, and entrepreneurs. I thought that the only way to get on top is to work your

Join me on 9/21 for the International Freelancers Day

Do you want to boost your solo business? Come, join me on September 21, 2012 for the International Freelance Day. It’s the biggest ever FREE online conference brought to you by International Freelancers Academy. Get inside the trade and learn from the 13 all-star speakers. This is exclusive for solo professionals, so better reserve your

Experience a Breakthrough in Freelance Writing

Let me tell you a secret on how to experience a breakthrough in freelance writing. Only a handful of successful freelancers inside the business will likely share this tip. Probably, startups haven’t thought of it. Frankly, I haven’t thought of it before until I stumbled upon this powerful writing prompt. Whether you’re a newbie or

Unforced Writing: The Amateur Tweets, The Pro Writes

I discovered this concept of unforced writing while listening to the rhythms of raindrops outside during the “hagupit ng habagat.” That was the time that I stayed at home and learned this principle, and I will never forget that day. It’s more biblical, yet I also found its practicality and application in a secular context.

Freelance Writers Qualifications or Attitude?

What do clients look for when hiring long-term freelance writers? The choice is between qualifications and attitude. I’m still processing this thought, and I hope clients will stumble upon this post to answer my question. Do you prefer qualifications over attitude, or is it the other way around? Who’s more efficient and effective for your

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