What Should Be Your Priorities as Freelance Writers and Bloggers?

What Should Be Your Priorities as Freelance Writers and Bloggers?

So you failed to carry out last year’s resolutions? How about those out-of-this-world plans?

You are not alone.

I had my shortcomings too. As a freelance writer, there were many things I didn’t accomplish last year.

But I don’t want to stop there. I don’t want us going in circles every year. Confused. Frustrated. Stressed.

I thought of publishing a practical post on our priorities. (Yes, here it is!)

I haven’t posted my goals for this year in my blog. I’ll share them to you one of these days. I have extremely remarkable plans for my freelance writing career and personal life.

Planning is essential (yes, a necessity for freelancers). I highly recommend that you make one, but I urge you to focus on the “only thing.”

Some people are good at goal setting, but our plans are also anchored with our priorities. Which of them, out of hundreds, is your priority?

Your One Thing

What are you good at?

I believe most of us are talented. But we can’t juggle all the work. Yes, the famous jack-of-all-trades syndrome.

“I can do this…”

“I can accomplish this too…”

“Oh, yes! I can also do that…”

“I’m good at this…”

If you’re a writer, you might want to ask yourself again. “What am I really good at?”

There are tons of freelance writing opportunities out there. Name your ideal writing job; you can pitch your proposal anytime.

But what makes you stand out among the others? Are you good at writing scripts? Blogging? Web copyediting? Creative writing? Content marketing?

Then, you must own your identity. Cultivate the writer in you.

Nurture it…take good care of your one thing. Don’t throw it away. Don’t run away from it. Instead, develop it.

Develop and Invest

One of my mistakes as a freelance writer is I don’t believe in myself. Secondly, I don’t even believe in my writing skills.

I believe the biggest mistake writers have is that they don’t believe they have a writer in them.

No one started good at anything. We were once apprentices. (Yes, even now…we all learn from life itself.)

Skills and talents are developed over time, and most freelance writers don’t start right in their career. They follow myths and so-called gurus to teach them on how to earn money overnight.

But it doesn’t work that way. The only thing that makes them “good” is that “one thing” that they have. They can write.

You may not be good in starting as a freelance writer, but at least you know how to do it.

If you’re one of the veterans, then…you must also go back to your first love. Is your work (as a professional writer) becoming an obligation rather than opportunity?

Now, do me a favor.

Cultivate your one thing. Instead on focusing on the big things (especially those big plans for this year), develop your writing skills every day. And these (big plans) will follow.

Set it as your number one priority. Cultivate the habit of keeping a journal.

For the love of writing, keep on writing. Blog your thoughts if you must.

And the Bottom Line is…

Before anything else, make this your number one priority – be consistent in writing your thoughts whether on ink or digital copy.

Secondly, read books that will help you develop your writing skills to awaken your creativity.

Focus on your niche.

Are you an article writer on web? Try investing on manuals and style guides like the Associate Press Stylebook (iPad app) and Chicago Manual of Style Online.

Savor each page. And of course…


Nothing beats the consistency of small things for freelance writers and bloggers.

It doesn’t just develop your writing voice to become a better writer, but it also builds your character.

It’s time to take some actions on your ideas and concepts. Start executing them. Finishing is always better than starting.

Let’s see how it goes by the end of this year.

Would you still be consistent in keeping a journal or blogging your thoughts offline or online?

Give me a shout out below.

Photo: Creative Commons license / Robert S. Donovan & Dave McLear

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