Category: Miscellaneous

Category: Miscellaneous

2016: A Year of Bounty

Words are powerful. For this year’s faith goals, I will be intentional in combining the power of words (by speaking and writing), actions, and timing to accomplish them one day at a time.

14 Best Apps for Writers: Essential Tools for Daily Writing Stints

Have you been playing the role of Jack? Jack-of-all-trades? I bet it must have been hard to keep up with all the projects for the first quarter of this year. As far as I’ve observed, January is all about momentum. For us writers, it’s the peak season because everyone’s back to business. January is a

Dear fellow freelancers, let’s help Yolanda victims

Dozed from caffeine, I wasn’t able to sleep last night. I ended up tossing and turning on my bed. In that moment of unutterable silence, I spoke to God in my heart and praised him for sparing our region from Yolanda’s hagupit. As I watched the videos and browsed through the news articles and Twitter/Facebook

You Don’t Wait for Inspiration

Writers’ tip: You don’t wait for inspiration because the muse doesn’t exist. Writers and artists chase the inspiration. Get to work!” #writing #nocturnal Do you agree?

13 eBooks for Freelance Writers to Kickstart 2013

Thinking how you can jumpstart your freelance writing this 2013? Know what? Nobody owns you. You can start anytime. Take it one step at a time. And that kind of mindset will change your perspective and standards as you get along with clients. The perks of solopreneurs – you handle your own business, manage your

Will eBooks and Electronic Publications Disrupt Traditional Publishing?

E-books are popular these days. In the Philippines, the popularity of electronic publishing is opening doors for bloggers, writers, and aspiring authors. If you would like to become a published author,  I think it’s time to overcome resistance and start writing your first draft or launch a blog as a platform. No Excuses Few days

Top 10 Zig Ziglar Quotes for Writers

One of my favourite authors died this morning at the age of 86. Zig Ziglar has inspired and motivated me to keep on dreaming big, and I believe he lived a life of purpose. I learned so much from his books – an endless list of nuggets of wisdom worth keeping for writers, solopreneurs, authors,

The Importance of Social Media During Natural Disasters

I saw the importance of Web 2.0 tools like blogging and social media during natural disasters in Philippines. I saw the enthusiasm of Filipino citizens who want to help the authorities and rescuers in various places from North to South Luzon. The Internet made the world smaller and accessible. See my vantage point from the

Protect Your Digital Life As A Writer

A must-read for all writers, journalists, and everyone involved in the digital world: protect yourself against password theft. The news about Mat Honan’s case of password theft and iCloud account storage swiped remotely by hackers alarmed me. It stirred a sense of urgency to safeguard online information and passwords on various social media accounts and

iBlog: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit Experience

It was my first time to attend the 8th Philippine Blogging Summit. I came all the way from Pampanga, less than an hour and half travel time. Touchdown U.P. Diliman – around 7AM! I captured photos of U.P. College of Law and the famous sunken garden with my new friend, a fellow blogger and photographer,

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