Still Struggling As A Writer?

Still Struggling As A Writer?

I must confess that I’m struggling as a writer. Maybe some of you have felt this feeling and shrugged at the thought of it.

It’s very crucial. Unless you take an action, you won’t see the bigger picture.

What gives? It’s pretty simple. I haven’t updated my blog for weeks now. I’m more concerned with other writing services. It’s because I need money. I need resources. I need to pay bills and buy some stuff, and it doesn’t change that no matter how I tried to blog and write and share my ideas here… it will not work. You know why?

I don’t believe I am a writer.


It’s bull’s-eye. It’s crystal clear.

It’s frustrating. I keep on reminding myself that I need to prove something. I keep pressuring myself to please readers, and in the end, it’s greatly affecting my creativity.

I realized my satisfaction in writing is not you. It’s beyond my readers.

My satisfaction in writing involves the supernatural, then it flows through me, and now I get it.

So enough of the don’ts, shoulds, woulds, and can’ts.

It’s time to establish the IDENTITY. I’m not here to write to please readers. If I still wanted to please readers, I would not be a writer, and ideas would be wrapped up inside the box, and it will always be frustrating on my part.

KNOW The Purpose

I write because I want to express myself, to connect with the supernatural to unleash that “dunamis” in my writing to impact your life and the people around me. I know to whom I dedicate this work of art. I am so confident.

BE The Mind

My shortcomings as a writer will lead me to create “dunamis” ideas because I BELIEVE deep in my heart, spirit, and soul that I am a writer.

DO The Action: Simply write.

I want to quote this from Kat Eden,

If you are a writer, then why is that you don’t write consistently?

The secret? No secret recipes involved or steps to follow. Just believe you are a writer and take action. WRITE!

When I embraced this truth, my writing was never the same again.

It’s so liberating. My work is to simply believe I am a writer.

Are you still struggling as a writer? Share your thoughts and experience as a freelance writer and blogger.

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