7 Practical Tips Before Applying for Freelance Writing Jobs

7 Practical Tips Before Applying for Freelance Writing Jobs

Never underestimate the power of planning before applying for freelance writing jobs. Every move can make or break your career and it’s best to consider practicalities above all else. Quite frankly, the journey is too great for you. You must have a bulldog attitude (with such tenacity and persistence) to thrive in a competitive environment.

Here’s a list of the giants you’ll be facing:

  • Unforeseen challenges
  • Late night writing assignments
  • Rejections from prospects and publishers
  • Dishonest, demanding and delusional clients
  • Discouragements, destructive and constructive criticisms

The reason why I enlisted them is to be frank and transparent. You must train your hands for battle every day. There are only two things you must have to thrive in this economy: integrity and faithfulness. 


#1 Tip: Know Your Purpose

Why? What is your purpose? Why do you want to work as a freelance writer? Is it all about the money? Your passion? Financial independence? Do you want to build your own platform? Be wise and know your why.

# 2 Tip: Set Goals

Be SMART! Set goals. If you haven’t done this, I suggest that you do it now. Do you want to do it full time? Or part time? Set your mind and be “smart.”

S – specific – How many hours are you willing to work? (Hours/topics/expertise)

M – measurable – How much do you want to earn? (Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)

A – attainable – Check your schedule, can you attain the hours you set for the day or week? How much are you willing to commit on your writing projects?

R – realistic – Be real on setting the time and workload. Avoid the “jack of all trades” mindset. Choose the topics you are passion about. You must be expert on something.

T – time-bound – How long will you be working as a freelance writer?

Set your own goals and plan ahead. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started,” as Mark Twain puts it.

# 3 Tip: Strengths and Skills Inventory

Write your strengths and skills on a piece of paper. If you have a journal, use it and diligently list them. Start with your attitude, character, skills, and passion. Think on topics you are passionate about.

# 4 Tip: Write Your Resume

A writer should be equipped with a resume. Most clients require you to submit a resume to validate your experience and competence. Some writers would disagree on this idea, but from my experience, I wrote a resume for the sake of formality. Just to make sure, write one and pile up everything.

# 5 Tip: Create Your Portfolio

Before you apply for freelance writing jobs, you need to create your portfolio to showcase your pieces. This is a chance to display all the written projects from the past. Use your resume to recollect the written articles, and make sure you ask for the employer’s permission before you include them on your file. Have you written something for a company? Did you write any business letter for local leaders? Compile all your written projects and let them shine to sell yourself.

# 6 Tip: Update Your Social Media Accounts

Update your social media accounts and emails if you want to apply for freelance writing jobs. Make a uniform byline or a professional bio to create an impression for potential clients. I recommend to use a professional headshot in all your social media accounts if you will utilize these platforms for future networking.

Don’t lie about your credentials. Prove your credibility as a professional. You can sign up for LinkedIn to connect with companies, professionals, and writers.

# 7 Tip: Go Digital

To get freelance writing jobs, you have to learn the basics in the digital world. Most of the freelance writing jobs are available online.

You need to start somewhere; a web space is enough to showcase your written articles. Start a blog. If you have one, update it regularly and check the content and grammar.

A super charge laptop or desktop and fast internet connection are needed.

Are you ready to jumpstart your career as a freelance writer?

Share your thoughts. If you have any questions or concerns, hit the comment button below. Share this post to your friends who want to earn money online.

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