The Creative Life and Productivity: 5 Things I Learned this Week

The Creative Life and Productivity: 5 Things I Learned this Week

We’re 13 days into 2018. Time flies fast and before we know it we’re going to cap 2018 with a bang. 

The aftermath of my vertigo attack last week taught me how to be intentional in making choices.

Intentional in making the right choices when it comes to food, things-to-do, what to do, and priorities this year. During my stay in Manila this week, I learned 5 things that inspired me to improve my creative life and productivity.

#1 Never lose your sense of wonder

It’s overwhelming to keep up with the things-to-do. But sometimes to create and get fresh ideas, I need to step back from the fast lane for a while and pause. Look up and appreciate the blue skies. The air I breathe. Waking up without the dizzy spells.

#2 A digital detox is nice

I had a digital detox, specifically less consumption on social media feeds so I can focus more on work and avoid distractions. I realized how hooked I was into social media with all the likes and cheers I get from my keto journey. I think moderation is the key.

#3 Be humble and say sorry

In one of my client meetings, I was impressed with how the outsourced web developer managed to say sorry to the entire team for dropping the ball last month. We were supposed to finish the client’s website last year. And we were all waiting and chasing him around. There was silence for a moment. But I sure hope he won’t drop the ball this time. I also want to finish the website ASAP.

#4 Time is precious, stop worrying

I realized there’s so much more to life than worrying about little things and past mistakes. Bad choices, emotional rollercoaster rides, and much more. Every second count. So the whole week I was in Manila, I made sure that even the slack time – while stuck in the traffic – I was doing something to spark my creativity (e.g., listen to podcasts).

#5 Take risks but spare your heart

There’s wisdom in being cautious. And being an INFP with a Compliance-Steadiness personality, it’s hard for me to take risks. Regarding business, finances, and writing, I’d like to be more of a risk-taker this year.

As long as it’s aligned with my goals, priorities, convictions, and values, I’d go for it.

But… when it comes to the matters of the heart, I’d rather guard it until further notice. (LOL).

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