No New Year’s Resolutions: I Need to Build Good Habits

No New Year’s Resolutions: I Need to Build Good Habits

What could be more inspiring than posting a list of New Year’s resolutions and plans for 2019 today?

But I chose not to. I’d rather keep things for myself (and less social media for personal use) and build good habits at work and writing.

I realized I have a lot of ideas and planning last year, but they didn’t happen because I wasn’t consistent.

I realized I am equipped and well-trained in my industry where I am thriving but not enough action. Well, ideas are good, but without action plan and consistency, I can’t make things happen.

I remember I love posting my goals and plans on my Facebook feed last year. I have achieved some of them.

Some of them but not all.

So for this year, I’ve listed my bad habits and good habits.

Let’s see how this goes.

Hopeful and excited for 2019.

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