A Trying Week for the Striving Creative Soul

A Trying Week for the Striving Creative Soul

It started with a broken phone. A stubborn, contagious flu. Then a broken keyboard. Then a broken laptop. But thankful I don’t have a broken heart. It’s a trying week for the striving creative soul. And yet Queen’s song resonates: The show must go on. 

Capping the Fri-yay night with a blurb. Too emotional the past few days especially today and I’m still learning to cope up with the little inconveniences and the broken stuff.

I was in Manila since Sunday morning and back in my sacred space at home Thursday morning. There’s something about solitude, rural life, and the blue skies from my home office, which give me superpowers once I settled in.

The superpower to step back for a little while and pause. To recalibrate again and again to make sure the creative juices are up and running. A lot of things on my mind lately but I chose to “will things,” meaning, despite “not feeling well” to write or to create, I do it.

I realized it takes a patient, disciplined creative soul to show up when she doesn’t feel like showing up. And frankly, I’m still a work in progress. But there’s one thing I’ve learned from the past few days of the hustle and bustle of life: the show must go on.

Here’s an Instagram post that inspired me to write this short blog tonight. I hope we will be reminded that even if the show must go on, we also need to rest. 🙂

Happy weekend to all the striving creatives!

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