Random Thoughts on Spirituality and Practical Affairs

Random Thoughts on Spirituality and Practical Affairs

One of life’s lesson for me today is very thought-provoking. “Don’t be too spiritual or too technical.” I was reminded of that verse in Ecclesiastes, “It’s good to grasp the one and not let go of the other. Whoever fears God will avoid all extremes.”

I know as Christians, we are not of this world, and so it requires practical wisdom from God to handle daily grinds because we, in reality, at our very core, are tripartite beings—with body, soul and spirit. God is concerned in all areas of our lives, and I think three characteristics that make up a true follower of Christ are: to be good, faithful, and responsible to whatever task at hand.


How are you in these areas of your life? How’s your health? Are you a responsible steward in your finances? Have you mastered controlling your emotions? Are you excellent at work or do you always make excuses that you have to something at church? Some are called full-time, others elsewhere. How’s your intimacy with God? How’s your relationship with your co-worker? Your friend? Your family? As I ponder these thoughts, I know I’m also a work in progress.

We can’t always justify how excellent we serve the Lord in the mission field or at church when we cannot even return our tithes, wash the dishes, sweep the floor, take the trash out, or be a blessing at home. Our faith in Christ will justify how we deal with and respond to realities and menial tasks we face every day.

In as much as God is, of course, spiritual, he is also into practical affairs—wisdom always comes with a caution. We have to have a macro-perspective of our lives, our impact and influence, our lives living the Word itself. Everything must be laid down in the sure foundation: Jesus. Our Source and Fountain of Life.

How can you be a blessing to others today?

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