My Midweek Thoughts on Writing, Productivity, and Creativity

My Midweek Thoughts on Writing, Productivity, and Creativity

It’s Thursday morning, and it’s almost 3 AM. I’m back with my nocturnal mode when it comes to working and writing. Time flies fast and it’s already May. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to update my entries here. Let’s just say, “Life happened.”

To wrap up my “night,” here’s a sweet, short reminder: Balance is the key. And these are the things I learned this week.

#1 On Writing: “Take small breaks for some fresh eyes and ideas.”

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I’m glad I finally built this habit of taking small breaks when I write. When I’m already in the zone, it’s difficult to maintain the momentum if you break the creative flow. But I realized that sometimes, a break can also be a gateway to glean fresh ideas.

2. On Productivity: “If you can do it and finish it in 5 minutes, do it.”

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I want to be intentional with this new habit. I want to explore this strategy and see if it really works in all areas – at work, some errands, ministry activities, etc. So far, I feel that I’ve finished and accomplished a lot this week. And it’s just Thursday! Yay!

3. On Creativity: “READ. So you can write. There’s no other way.”

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That’s pretty straightforward. And most of the time, especially for us writers and creatives, it’s easy to find a sweet escape when we’re out of creative juices. I discovered that reading (or consuming more content) could ignite ideas.

And most of all, breathe in, breathe out. 🙂


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