Fresh Start: Back on Track

Fresh Start: Back on Track

The first day of October wasn’t really as good as I expected it. But I chose to be thankful despite these awful surprises. “The best is yet to come,” as the optimists would say; and it’s also the same phrase we – Jesus believers – often declare when things are completely out of our control.

Moving forward, I’m glad that I’m back on track. I’m back to my second love – writing (my first love, of course, is my Creator). When I emailed my developer that we have to get things done and launch my new website on October 1 (we’ve been working and discussing for months), perhaps he felt how serious and aggressive I was.

So, here’s my new website. Before launching it, I reviewed my 40+ posts that were published last year. Yes, the last blog I posted was dated December 2014. I cringed when I read them. I wanted to delete all of them because I felt completely embarrassed with how I write and how weak my words were; how fragile and depressive I was (until now but on another level).

But on second thought, I realized it would be best to keep them as a remembrance. They are part of my identity; part of my becoming as an amateur and pro (and as a hustler). I have decided to move forward and write my thoughts randomly. While this site remains as my sacred professional space where my portfolio and services are featured, I will keep my blog updated just to keep me sane.

There will be topics on creativity, productivity, business, personal development, startups, technologies, and some personal stuff. Let’s see where will this lead. I’m not expecting anything; probably this could be my lifesaver in this crazy world. To write as beautifully as courageously as I can, whether I feel good, depressed, lonely, or sane. 

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