Freelance Writing, Is It All About The Money?

Freelance Writing, Is It All About The Money?

I relentlessly pursued a freelance writing career because I wanted to earn a living from my passion. Practically, I needed the money to pay bills and debts from previous business and to support my family.

Are we on the same pace? Do you feel what I feel?

Practically, we need to pay our bills and other miscellaneous expenses, keep much savings in the future, and live the comfortable lifestyle we want to enjoy.

Most of us thirst for success, significance, and stability. While some of us chase our dreams, others find it fulfilling to settle for less. They end up in a frustrating job that leads to burnt out and mediocrity.

This is horrible. Indescribable. It’s running in a rat race.

We all have a choice. Either we choose the rat race or the trail. It’s our call. As for me, I want to work from my passion, the kind of work that I can certainly claim as my labor of love.

It’s what I call my passion for writing.

I used to think I could work at my best if I own a business or pursue my dream as a writer. I pictured it on my mind – a spacious office at home where I can work independently, then sleep until wee hours and work again. However, at one point in my career, it suddenly hit me. I was working out of duty. The passion for writing depleted; I was not effective anymore. One way or the other, I focused on financial rewards, and I hate it. I became results oriented; I’m frustrated because I didn’t get what I have planned, and I hate it.


I’ve worked as a freelance writer for more than a year now. I’ve met different clients from all over the world. Irritating clients. Demanding clients. Thrifty clients. High-paying clients. Excellent clients.

I ended up with a major realization today. I keep on declaring I’m a passionate writer and blogger. It was fake. All along, I was passionate and obsessed on earning money, getting referrals, and building an empire of network with weak foundations.

The action must align with the declaration, but it was the other way around. It was all about the money, and I hate it. Yes, probably 30% of my efforts is spent on genuine interests and relationships to clients, but the 70%? Unworthy.

Frustrated, I submitted late projects, inconsiderate to the clients’ goals and what-not.

The career is unstable, and we nervously fidget on fears and worries of getting fired. We tend to become selfish and thirsty for stability and fame. The danger of freelance writing is that those who aspire to climb its mountains end up frustrated and insecure, and the ropes to get on top of the mountain are aggressiveness and self-ambitions.

I’m one step closer to it, until today.

Freelance writing is NOT all about the money. The financial rewards are beneficial. That’s automatic. Maybe it’s enough to cover expenses and give you gazillion of bucks for travels.

Now, here are my nuggets of wisdom for you.

Freelance writing is going back to your passion. Simply write what you are passionate about. Stick to your expert niche, build long-lasting relationships with clients, and leave a legacy on every company you work with. Then decide if you want to learn other topics.

Write and be passionate on your projects. Then income will follow. Like streams of river flowing… referrals, connections, and projects will come.

Are you a freelance writer? Are you one step closer to writing out of duty? Go back to your passion. Just write.

What are your struggles as a freelance writer? Share your thoughts.

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