How Can A 21st Century Freelance Writer Thrive in a Competitive Environment?

How Can A 21st Century Freelance Writer Thrive in a Competitive Environment?

What does it take for a freelance writer to thrive in a competitive environment?

Before answering the question, we must have a clear definition of a freelance writer. Hopefully, newbies, aspiring writers, and professional writers can glean nugget truths below.

It was in the first quarter of 2011 when I discovered the opportunities for writers on the Internet. It was an unusual venture (if I may call it at that time) for a business and entrepreneurship major, expert in sales and outbound marketing to work in an environment beyond the 8-to-5 day job.

Definition of Freelance Writer

Here’s a definition of freelance writer from About Freelance.

Freelance writers are writers who are not hired on a permanent/staff basis. They are hired to write a specific assignment, which generally occurs in a limited time period.

A freelance writer’s job is unstable unless he/she possibly strikes the gold with one or two long-term clients who are willing to hire him/her in a remote position. Clients may end contract anytime or writing gigs may last only a few days or weeks, depending on the client’s demand.

The Freelance World

I believe one of the promising sectors in Southeast Asia is the rising independent workforce, also known as contingent workers or freelancers who earn their living from a home-based working environment.

72% of freelancers are based in North America, 13% live in Europe, 6% are in Asia, and 3% of workers live in South America, according to the Freelance Industry Report 2011. Flexibility and freedom are two driving forces of pursuit.

If one wished to go for a freelance writing career, he or she must at least know the basic rules in grammar to get paid for an online content. Apparently, the first writing project opens the door for more opportunities while the writer builds his or her portfolio and credibility as a published web content writer.

To become an industry expert, it’s best to hone the writing skills through continuous grammar test, reviews, and online courses and focus on one to two niches (e.g. technology and business).

Freelance Writing Assignments

Here are some of the popular writing projects for freelance writers:

  • Writing Website Content
  • Blogging
  • Article Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Copywriting and Editing
  • Ghostwriting / Ghostblogging
  • Business letters, resumes, sales copy
  • News and Feature Articles
  • Short Stories
  • E-books
  • Data Entry and Research

The 21st century freelance writers should be familiar with the basic search engine optimization and online writing ethics—plagiarism and SEO rules—because writing online content is different from writing a short story on a blank piece of paper to get paid.

More than the profits, platform and accomplishments, freelance writers must prioritize value (quality and depth of content) and integrity to thrive in a competitive workforce.

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