Dear fellow freelancers, let’s help Yolanda victims

Dear fellow freelancers, let’s help Yolanda victims

Dozed from caffeine, I wasn’t able to sleep last night. I ended up tossing and turning on my bed. In that moment of unutterable silence, I spoke to God in my heart and praised him for sparing our region from Yolanda’s hagupit.

As I watched the videos and browsed through the news articles and Twitter/Facebook feeds, I kept on wondering how a mere freelance writer could help. There was a deep sense of conviction inside me. I didn’t just feel it. A still, small voice spoke, unimaginable yet I knew that at some point, Divine Providence passed by.

Instead of a mere spectator, I took action.

I visited the official website of the Philippine Red Cross and clicked the Donate page. I donated 10% of income from my freelance writing jobs this month, believing that even in small ways, a mere freelance writer can make an impact to the community. I encourage you to do the same thing or maybe go for the extra mile; whatever is in your hand, freely give.



What made me do it?

It’s all about love and compassion. As much as I can pray for our kababayans, I followed my conscience and took action beyond prayers and faith. In as much as we have faith in God, true faith produces fruits, and such fruits are good works, which are motivated by love.

Real love comes with a sacrifice. And a sacrificial heart is generous, giving, and is not self-seeking. A tenth is a mere portion of that hundredth where many will be fed, sheltered, and restored. While the money cannot restore the lives of the victims and their loved ones (such a tragic reality), our small acts of kindness can help in restoring the Visayas region.


[Photo credit: Dewanie Kim twitter account]


[Photo credit: AFP / GMA News Twitter update: A ship washed ashore by Super Typhoon Haiyan (#YolandaPH) in Tacloban, Leyte. | via @AFP]


[Photo credit: CNN]

What were you doing that ill-fated night?

Maybe some of us were sipping a hot coffee and typing away those keys, working at the comfort of our homes, while thousands of our fellowmen were homeless, devastated, and had lost their loved ones.

How much can our conscience tolerate this tragic truth?

While we live with comfort and indulgence, thousands are homeless heads and unfed sides, abiding the pelting of that pitiless storm? [Quoting from King Lear]

The light that will shine: We are the light of the world

It is also a privilege for me that my previous and current clients asked my whereabouts and if I (and my family) were affected by Yolanda. I replied to them and shared the official links, receiving donations. That’s where I realized the need to create awareness.


While I may not know whether they contributed or not, what matters most is that I did my part in creating awareness and that they too can help.

“It is the little things done consistently over time, straight form your heart, that actually have the greatest impact.” – Anonymous

There are many ways on how you can send donations. I encourage you to share the links and info to your clients as well.





Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.49.28 AM



[Photo credit: All rights reserved Reg Silva via Flickr]

Let us set aside our mindset of getting hired. This is an opportune moment to be heard and make an impact as a Filipino freelance writer.

It’s time to act. It’s time to be a light in the dark. Let’s help the best way we can.

Feel free to share your thoughts on comment’s section and share some ways on how our fellow freelancers can help the Yolanda victims.

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