Category: Freelance Writing

Category: Freelance Writing

Still Struggling As A Writer?

I must confess that I’m struggling as a writer. Maybe some of you have felt this feeling and shrugged at the thought of it. It’s very crucial. Unless you take an action, you won’t see the bigger picture. What gives? It’s pretty simple. I haven’t updated my blog for weeks now. I’m more concerned with

Freelance Writing, Is It All About The Money?

I relentlessly pursued a freelance writing career because I wanted to earn a living from my passion. Practically, I needed the money to pay bills and debts from previous business and to support my family. Are we on the same pace? Do you feel what I feel? Practically, we need to pay our bills and

Top 10 Must-Have Items for Startup Freelance Writers

Startup freelance writers find it difficult to jumpstart a career that is unknown to them because I’ve been asked several times on how to start a freelance work or a part-time job for extra income. As I look back, I remember the hard work and sleepless nights I endured, and they are worth it. I’ve

7 Practical Tips Before Applying for Freelance Writing Jobs

Never underestimate the power of planning before applying for freelance writing jobs. Every move can make or break your career and it’s best to consider practicalities above all else. Quite frankly, the journey is too great for you. You must have a bulldog attitude (with such tenacity and persistence) to thrive in a competitive environment.

How Can A 21st Century Freelance Writer Thrive in a Competitive Environment?

What does it take for a freelance writer to thrive in a competitive environment? Before answering the question, we must have a clear definition of a freelance writer. Hopefully, newbies, aspiring writers, and professional writers can glean nugget truths below. It was in the first quarter of 2011 when I discovered the opportunities for writers

Freelancers: The New Independent Workforce [Infographic]

Curious how freelancers hustle? If you think a 9-to-5 job isn’t for you, here’s a good option. Here’s a sneak preview of the freelance industry via infographic published by Mavenlink.

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