Awakening the Writer this Holiday Season

Awakening the Writer this Holiday Season

One of the things I’ve learned for almost 7 years of freelancing is being teachable. When one stops learning, it breeds complacency and ego. So this holiday season, I gave myself permission to learn new things and re-learn the basics.

I also stretched myself this latter part of the year. I continued studying Mandarin and expanding my Chinese vocabulary.

I realized that one has a unique selling proposition these days, especially when you’re a bilingual or multilingual business writer or copywriter.

Aside from my language class, I also spent my holiday completing my digital marketing courses and certifications, not just for “bettering myself as a service provider” but also to awaken the writer within.

Learning new things prompts the writer to create and explore.

Perhaps, it may work for you, too. Or maybe it’s just for me.

But I hope that we never stop learning things in every season.

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